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Anthony Bourdain: FULL METAL INA (My Summer Vacation)



It’s that time again. Time to slip out early in the morning and deflate the pool floaties. “Mr. Crockie”, the crocodile, looks up at me accusingly as he shrivels on the chaise lounge. Two air mattresses wait for similar treatment behind him. I gather up the super-soakers, the water…

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Vegan Cat food… OMG….

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US government finally admits to the existence of Area 51



Whether you call it Area 51 or Groom Lake, people have known the US government has had a super duper top secret facility out in the Nevada desert, though the government has always officially denied it until now. And now that Area 51 officially exists, what was there? Oh nothing, certainly no aliens, just U2 bomber stuff.

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Fetish Friday: All knotted up and nowhere to go


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Archaeologists unveil the world’s oldest D20

Romans may have used 20-Sided die almost two millennia before D&D, but people in ancient Egypt were casting icosahedra even earlier. Pictured above is a twenty-faced die dating from somewhere between 304 and 30 B.C., a timespan also known as Egypt’s Ptolemaic Period.


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